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About Stella

Having previously designed at various agencies across the world, my passion lies in crafting brand identities and user-centric experiences for diverse audiences and digital landscapes.

I am an aspiring designer studying Art and Design at USC Roski, with a minor in User Experience. 


This is...

what my design thinking toolkit looks like

Leveraging design as a powerful narrative tool


I strive to design beyond the visual, by understanding

my users on a deeper level to drive emotional connections

and elevate the power of storytelling through design.

Creating with intention and usability

I love to experiment with the latest design trends, but I find it

equally important to reassess from time to time what designs actually withhold the test of time and ultimately, are accessible

to and inclusive of all user types.

Pushing the boundaries

As a college student constantly growing and exploring, I refuse to label myself as a specific type of designer regardless of my skill or passion. I am always interacting with designers and non-designers across industries, getting inspired by the knowledge and possibilities out there, whether that is challenging myself to intern at an international agency or coordinating weekly guest speakers and workshops as the co-president of AIGA USC.

This is...

who I am beyond design

a proud pet parent

and animal welfare advocate

a competitive dancer on

the hip hop team Chaotic3

a cafe-hopper running around

on a little too much caffeine


Let's Connect!

Want to find the next design solution, or just grab a (virtual) coffee?

I'm happy to chat about anything from A to Z!

You can reach me at my email or connect via LinkedIn

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