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A social media series highlighting influential Asian American politicians

Dear Asian Americans


September 2020 - January 2021


Graphic Design Intern

A social media series that highlights influential Asian Americans in politics for 20 days leading up to U.S. Election Day 2020. Created for Dear Asian Americans, a podcast that celebrates and supports the Asian American community through storytelling.

See the series on the Dear Asian Americans official Instagram

10_12 TEASER.gif
10_16 Dalip Singh Saund.png
10_19 Amata Coleman Radewagen.png


10_22 Jay Kim.png
10_25 Tammy Duckworth.png
10_14 Patsy Mink.png
10_17 Daniel Inouye.png
10_20 Kamala Harris.png
10_23 Judy Chu.png
10_26 Andrew Yang.png
10_15 Hiram Fong.png
10_18 Mazie Hirono.png
10_21 Norman Mineta.png
10_24 Gary Locke.png
10_27 Tulsi Gabbard.png
10_28 Mark Takano.png
10_29 Pramila Jayapal.png
10_30 Stephanie Murphy.png
10_31 Jane Kim.png
11_1 Andy Kim.png
11_2 Grace Meng.png
Case Study

Case Study


Procure a list of 20 influential Asian American politicians and design graphics to recognize each politician and celebrate their accomplishments in the days leading up to the 2020 election.


Create content to empower the Asian American community and encourage those eligible to cast their votes. Graphics should be attention-grabbing and easily shareable for those outside the Dear Asian American community.


With the use of, a social media post scheduling platform, I took advantage of Dear Asian American's audience demographics and their online activity patterns to generate the most engagement possible.

I researched and procured a list of Asian American politicians diverse in all ways (ethnic backgrounds, time in office, impact etc.) in hopes of inspiring and appealing to the ethnically diverse group of Asian American audience. Hashtags related to voting and the Asian American identity were utilized to attract new followers and generate further engagement.


This series fostered enthusiastic comments and interactions from the Asian American community and beyond, with the highest post reaching over 2000 likes, contributing to the 15% growth in Instagram followers within the four months that I oversaw the social media account.


Posts of well-known politicians successfully fostered enthusiastic comments from Asian American viewers, while those of lesser-known politicians paled in comparison. It was nevertheless important to spread the word about Asian Americans' accomplishments in the political sphere. Successful posts also saw reposts and retweets from Dear Asian American's followers and non-followers. Each post averaged over 1,000 views on Instagram, the highest reaching over 2,000.

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