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Beyond the Resumes

Instagram countdown graphics and daily templates created for Beyond the Resumes,

a podcast that provides daily career advice from globally recognized professionals including

career leaders, entrepreneurs, and LinkedIn Top Voices.

Visit my work at Beyond the Resumes Official Instagram




Version 1

Version 2


Final Version

Case Study



Post 1: Episode announcement & guest introduction


Post 2: Guest's best advice


Post 3: Guest's book recommendation

Responsible for creating graphics from EP001 through EP020.



Design templates for Beyond the Resumes's daily Instagram posts, as well as countdown graphics in anticipation of Beyond the Resumes' first episode drop.


Aside from adhering to the brand's visual identity, I was able to exercise full creative freedom on this project. BtR looks to post extremely frequently at three times per day and on a daily basis, so I needed to prioritize visual flow and organization in designing the daily templates. My vision was to create vibrant designs that would attract BtR's target audience of high school and college-aged students. 

BeyondTheResumes_BrandIdentity_v2 (1).jp

I was handed BtR's visual identity to design graphics that would enhance the brand's visual identity.


Daily Templates:

These templates were made to maintain consistency throughout the Instagram page, with three pictures in a row to promote one episode’s content. The guest name, episode number, quote and photos would easily be replaceable for each podcast interviewee. 

Thin stripes with pointed caps at the top and bottom borders direct the viewer's gaze from left to right, establishing visual flow and organization. For visual contrast and balance, the middle graphic juxtaposes its neighbors with a bold, yellow highlight background.


Five-day Countdown:

I took three very different approaches in designing the graphics. In reflection, option one resembled too much of a hip, casual advertisement while option two was not representative of resumes nor professional development. After pitching my designs to the BtR team, we settled on option three, a mature and minimalistic design suitable for a professional career podcast. The vinyl-esque element which recedes into the background is reminiscent of a highly tangible form of music, aligning with BtR's vision in becoming an accessible community for young adults. Plus, the metallic touch is perfect for BtR's New Year's launch.

Visual identity
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